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discord - uwu me daddy#8476. note me on deviantArt
or shoot me an email at [email protected]!

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you may also check out my commissions in deviantArt journal form here.
feel free to comment on said journal for commissions as well!

Minis ... $8 each, $12 for two
quad/feral characters only

Anthro/Human Fullbodies ... $18

Busts, Waist-Up ... $8, $14

Other Fullbodies ... $14

Cheebs ... $10

Blocks... $8
comes with background & shading

Lineless Scenes ... Same As Bust-Fullbodies

Scenes ... Ask for a Quote!

Derparonis ... $4 each, $10 for three

Jelly Beans ... $6 each, $20 for four

Additional Characters...+ 50%
Shading...+ $2
NSFW...+ 50%

Additional characters refers to characters interacting!
Shading is not available for minis.
Nudity does not count as NSFW.

  • I have the right to cancel or reject any commissions for any reasons I see fit.

  • Payment is due upfont (or at least 50% before sketch, 50% after, if requested). Payment will be via Paypal invoices. No refunds.

  • An ETA will be given upon commission request. I will update you if I believe it will take longer than the initial ETA.

  • Any changes may be made during sketch phase (only provided if requested), after that only minor changes may be done (unless it's to alter mistakes I've made on the designs).

  • You are welcome to reupload art commissioned for you to other sites (i.e., Toyhouse, character webpages, etc.), but you must explicitly credit and link back to me, and you may not use any images I've made for financial gain of any kind.

  • If you are a minor do not request NSFW works.

  • Tips are appreciated! If you prefer to leave tips after completion you can do so through my Paypal Me!

Will Draw
+ Any species, body types, any characters, etc. (inculding closed species and copyrighted characters).
+ Complex designs, I will attempt mech, monsters, etc.
+ Nudity, sexual content, pinups, etc.
+ Other NSFW content (gore, etc., when in doubt, ask!)
Won't Draw
- Offensive content of any kind (hate speak, etc.)
- Certain "kinks" (feel free to ask specifics) (NSFW)
- Fan/Original characters interacting with copyrighted characters. (Exception with "Pokemon/Trainers")